Cornell Tech in New York City

This will be our first hackathon outside the San Francisco Bay Area, and we hope to see some new faces from the East Coast and Europe. 

If you'd like to see what our hackathons are like, please see these blog posts about our last hackathons:

• NuPIC Fall 2014 Hackathon (San Jose, CA) 

• NuPIC Spring 2014 Hackathon (San Jose, CA) 

• NuPIC Fall 2013 Hackathon (San Francisco, CA) 

 Cornell Tech requires us to provide them with a list of attendees before the event. To get on this list, you must RSVP on this Meetup event, and your Meetup account must have your REAL NAME on its profile. If you don't want to update your profile with your real name, you'll need to contact us with your Meetup ID and give us your real name. 


This is a 32-hour all-weekend hackathon. The venue will be staffed for the entire event, and you can find a place to sleep on a cot or on the floor (you might want to bring a sleeping bag).  

We'll start off with a kickoff presentation with the NuPIC team and a few words from Jeff Hawkins. During the event, we'll help you get NuPIC installed and running, and we'll provide several informational sessions about NuPIC. 

The event will end with demonstrations of hacks that attendees have created during the event. 

For more information and the most recent updates, check the hackathon page on our website

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Individuals (any age).

Teams are okay.


Anything (suggestions later).

How to enter

This challenge is part of a live event. You must RSVP and attend this live event to participate. 

Create an interesting or novel HTM application using NuPIC,, or another HTM implementation from our community. Even create your own HTM implementation!


Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor
Numenta, Inc.

Judging Criteria

  • Goodness
    How good?

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